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Our UK Adviser Platform Guide tracks and analyses the trends in the adviser platform market in the UK and explores key themes affecting the market. As we enter the report’s eighth year we can look back on some major changes in the market and look forward to some equally exciting developments to come.

The UK Adviser Platform Guide provides an AUA and sales update, adviser ratings and opinions of the platforms and updates on development from the platforms.

We also report on AUA and net sales in pension wrappers and update on backend technology changes and why these changes are important.

The research is delivered as alternating PDF and PowerPoint reports along with an Excel file of tables and charts to help ensure that the findings are easy to digest and use in your firm’s daily tasks. The results are also presented at an in-person analyst briefing at Platforum’s offices and through bespoke seminars.

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With constant fluctuations and consistent growth in the adviser platform market, keeping up to date with the crucial market changes and their impact is more important than ever.

A subscription to the UK Adviser Platform Guide will help you learn about:

  • Platform performance
  • Asset growth
  • Latest platform technology
  • Platform charges
  • Trends in assets by tax wrapper
  • Priority areas of investment for the platforms

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“Having a single report that covers a broad section of the platform market that includes adviser views and comments is extremely useful to us as a platform provider.”

Alistair WilsonHead of Retail Platform Strategy

“The Platforum's Adviser Platform Guide is without doubt the best source of research available on platforms in the market today. Its beauty is that it is contemporary, informative and uncomplicated.”

Pete WyattHead of Platform

“Platforum market reports are becoming increasingly invaluable, but equally are the Analyst Briefings provided in tandem. Food for thought provided with conclusions at the end, so time very well spent.”

Rob HudsonHead of Business Dev. – Direct

Table of contents

1 The stats
1.1 Total market AUA
1.2 Adviser platform growth
1.3 Growth and market share
1.4 Gross and net sales
1.5 Tax wrapper split
1.6 Wider context – where platforms fit in the retail investment market
2 What is driving M&A in the platform space?
2.1 How are wealth businesses valued?
2.2 Platform Integration
2.3 Implications of the underlying technology for platform consolidation
3 Technology shifts
4 Pricing – the fight for wallet share
5 Platforms and Advisers
5.1 Assessing the future health of platforms
5.2 Future developments
6 Platforms performance
6.1 User Leaderboard
7 Functionality
8 Platforms on a page
9 Appendix
10 List of tables and figures
10.1 Tables
10.2 Figures


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