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We have expanded the scope of the UK D2C guide to cover all execution-only channels in the UK (e.g. direct platforms, execution-only wealth managers, fund managers, retail banks, pension and insurance providers and SIPP-only providers).

The report looks at the characteristics of the direct platform market and provides detailed analysis of the top propositions. We explain the existing business models and compare pricing.

Platforum is recognised as a D2C thought leader and we cover the top trends in the market.

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Platforum’s subscription to the UK D2C Guide is your opportunity to keep abreast of the changes in the rapidly evolving direct to consumer market through a range of carefully undertaken analysis on topics covering:

  • D2C market analysis size and characteristics
  • Developing trends and issues within the market
  • Regulator’s D2C initiatives
  • Impact of the pensions freedoms
  • Evolution of investment propositions and solutions
  • Changes in platform charges
  • Price comparison on fund management and platform fees

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“Platforum market reports are becoming increasingly invaluable, but equally are the Analyst Briefings provided in tandem.”

Rob HudsonHead of Business Dev. – Direct

“Without Platforum, the sector would be a far less informed place- the depth and quality of research just keeps getting better and is always at the cusp of what’s happening.”

Terry HuddartTechnical Communications Manager

“Having a single report that covers a broad section of the platform market that includes adviser views and comments is extremely useful to us as a platform provider.”

Alistair WilsonHead of Retail Platform Strategy

Table of contents

1 Market size
1.1 Total UK D2C assets
2 Market structure
2.1 Direct platforms
2.2 Execution-only with wealth managers
2.3 Direct with fund managers
2.4 Direct with retail banks (limited investment propositions)
2.5 Direct with pension and insurance providers
2.6 Direct with SIPP specialists
3 Propositions on a page
3.1 The main D2C propositions
3.2 Other D2C propositions
4 Platform technology
4.1 Considerations for technology evaluation
4.2 Proprietary versus outsourced – not a binary decision
4.3 Technology provider summaries
4.4 Technology provider propositions in detail
5 Pricing
5.1 Price comparisons for D2C propositions
5.2 Price descriptions of D2C propositions
6 Appendix
6.1 Platform definitions
7 List of tables and figures
7.1 Tables
7.2 Figures


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