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Our European Fund Distribution research consists of a series of reports that provide an overview of retail fund distribution and platforms in nine countries including the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria. We also look at the growing cross-border players.

The report reviews distribution in each market, profiles the major open architecture platforms and explores major trends on the continent – how MiFID II is being interpreted and implemented, the impact on third-party fund managers and distributors, growth potential in the direct-to-consumer channel and which platforms are rated highly by fund managers.

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Included in the reports:

  • Individual profiles for dozens of B2B institutional, B2B adviser and D2C open architecture platforms
  • An overview of third-party distribution through banks, wealth managers, advisers, ‘robos’ and other channels in nine countries
  • Analysis of data on platform AUA, analysis of platform models, platform pricing and platform technology


  • A separate international platforms chapter
  • Top fund managers in the open architecture platform world
  • Insights from over 50 senior-level figures in asset management or distribution

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“Without Platforum, the sector would be a far less informed place - the depth and quality of research just keeps getting better and is always at the cusp of what’s happening.”

Terry HuddartTechnical Communications Manager

“Having a single report that covers a broad section of the platform market that includes adviser views and comments is extremely useful to us as a platform provider.”

Alistair WilsonHead of Retail Platform Strategy

“Platforum market reports are becoming increasingly invaluable, but equally are the Analyst Briefings provided in tandem. Food for thought provided with conclusions at the end, so time very well spent.”

Rob HudsonHead of Business Dev. – Direct

Table of contents

1 Overview of the European fund distribution market
1.1 The size of the market
1.2 Opportunities for third‐party distribution
2 Fund distribution in the UK
2.1 Market summary
2.2 Breakdown of retail fund assets
2.3 Distribution via IFAs and other advisers
2.4 D2C distribution
2.5 Platforms
2.6 Domestic policy initiatives affecting fund distribution
2.7 Opportunities for fund managers in the UK market
3 Fund distribution in Germany
3.1 Market summary
3.2 Breakdown of fund assets
3.3 Distribution channels
3.4 Platforms
3.5 Domestic policy initiatives affecting fund distribution
3.6 Opportunities for fund managers in the German market
4 Fund distribution in Austria
4.1 Market summary
4.2 Breakdown of fund assets
4.3 Distribution channels
4.4 Platforms
4.5 Domestic policy initiatives affecting fund distribution
4.6 Opportunities for fund managers in the Austrian market
5 List of tables and figures
5.1 Tables
5.2 Figures


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