Investment distribution research 

Trusted by asset managers, life companies, technology providers and platforms. Our insights inform propositions, products and strategy.

What we do

 Platforum delivers research on a subscription and customised basis to asset managers and other organisations about retail investment services, in these key markets for fund distribution:

  • UK wealth managers
  • UK financial advisers
  • Platforms and the other businesses that support the UK financial adviser and wealth manager markets
  • Direct to consumer platforms
  • Mainland European fund distribution

How we do it

Platforum gains its valuable insights into the markets it studies through the use of in-depth interviews with the key players, carefully designed focus groups and frequent surveys of target professional and consumer markets. 

You can access our findings in the ways that best suit your needs: regular reports, direct conversations with researchers and group briefings. You can buy reports on a subscription or one-off basis.


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Who would benefit from our research?

The types of companies that will benefit from our insights include:

  • Direct platforms
  • Asset managers
  • Banks
  • Pensions providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Technology providers

Some of our recent newsletters:

Platform MPS use on the rise

DFM use is on the rise among financial advisers and platform-based managed portfolio services (MPS) have been the main beneficiaries. Recent Platforum research shows that advisers are using more DFMs now than they were two years ago, with advice firms that use...

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MPS Pricing – a race to the bottom?

Managed portfolio services (MPS) on adviser platforms are one of the fastest growing segments of the market. Some of the strongest growth for wealth managers has come from MPS distributed through financial advisers. In 2020, platform MPS grew much faster than adviser...

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Converting D2C gamblers into investors

The UK D2C investing market has seen a rapid influx of new investors since the start of the pandemic. Many of this group have been short-term speculators, trying to earn a quick return in volatile markets. First-time investors often associate investing with gambling,...

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