Bespoke research and strategic consulting

Platforum informs strategy through analysis and opinion based on research. We provide market intelligence on retail investment distribution in the UK and Europe.

Research sources

Our consulting projects are based on credible research. This may be commissioned on a bespoke basis or drawn from existing data that we hold to support the many investment distribution reports that we publish. Research is typically conducted on the following groups:

Platforms (advised, direct and institutional)

Investment technology providers

Discretionary fund managers and fund selectors

Asset managers

Financial advisers

End investor (consumer research)

Bespoke research projects

We conduct exclusive research and analysis which is used for a variety of purposes…

Thought leadership and content marketing

Competitor intelligence

Pricing analysis

M and A due diligence

Strategic consulting projects

Where Platforum’s investment distribution expertise is used to support strategy and transformation.

Reviewing distribution strategies

Mergers and Acquisitions

Proposition development and benchmarking

Market evaluation and mapping

Alternative distribution strategies

Market entry strategies

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