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For companies looking to understand how self-directed investors access the investment market and the growing significance of digital distribution. Includes in-depth data on direct platforms and alternative digital services, including live user testing.

Market Overview

Analysis of assets, flows and growth figures and one-page profiles of the leading services. Analysis of themes and trends across the D2C investing space. Consolidation of direct platforms, and the role of asset managers, robo-advisers and banks within direct distribution of investments.

Investment Distribution

How investments are distributed through direct-to-consumer channels. The influence of platform guidance including select lists, multi-asset solutions and ready-made portfolios. How platforms are re-establishing their guidance credentials post-Woodford. The development of ESG solutions and how they are distributed.

Market Update

Update on direct platform data for Q1 2021, the broader digital wealth market and topical trends. How new D2C investors have been behaving during the pandemic and the impact of this on traditional direct platforms versus the encroaching wider range of services that offer shares, cryptocurrency and derivatives. The significant increase in share dealing activity, particularly international trades.

Investor Experience

Direct platform user experience from the perspective of the end investor. Platforms are tested across a range of categories including investment choice, guidance, investment content, usability, cost, customer service and mobile propositions. Includes additional comparison of non-platform digital investing services.

UK Consumer Insights

A report looking at the behaviours and views of the end investor. Our consumer samples include self-directed investors, advised investors as well as non-investors. Available to all subscribers of our UK reports and packages.

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