UK Financial Advisers

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For groups looking for a deep understanding of developments and trends within the UK financial advice market. Reports focus on a single theme, including qualitative and quantitative research on the attitudes and behaviour of financial advisers.

Financial advisers are a significant retail investment channel in the UK. The market is undergoing continuous evolution, reacting to changes in regulation, client demographics, taxation and government intervention. Our UK Financial Advisers research analyses key topics on an ongoing basis, drawing out trends and themes.

Advice in Decumulation

Advisers’ attitudes and behaviours around decumulation and the provision of advice to clients in retirement. Includes the changing nature of advisers’ decumulation strategies, centralised retirement propositions, intergenerational financial planning and the rise in use of cash flow modelling.

Investment Propositions

The development of advisers’ investment approaches, including CIPs, investment committees and fund panels. Outsourcing versus insourcing; discretionary versus advisory. Model portfolio construction, the use of multi-asset solutions, and the influence of research agencies.

Market Overview

Size and structure of the UK advice market, and changes in business models of advice firms. Trends across the value chain – the nature and impact of fee pressure and continued focus on cost and value for money. How greater professionalism and ‘corporate’ advice businesses are changing the market, from recruitment and training through consolidation, vertical integration and more interest in business capital value.

Adviser Technology

How advisers are changing their use of digital tools. What the interaction is between advisers, platforms, back office and financial planning tools. How advisers are creating efficiencies in their businesses, and how this will impact on the providers of adviser services.

UK Consumer Insights

Illustrates the investing landscape in the UK and identifies consumers’ views about financial brands and products. The report looks at the behaviours of the end investor and how these have altered in recent years. Our consumer samples include self-directed investors, advised investors as well as non-investors. Available to all subscribers of UK reports and packages.

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