UK Wealth Management

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For companies looking to understand the structure and trends within the wealth management market, defined as the services provided by firms that focus on managing client investment assets. In particular, we include firms whose principal activities are private client business, managing assets on behalf of intermediaries or multi-manager and multi-asset funds.

The research segments wealth managers by their business models and enables competitor analysis, benchmarking and positioning. It will help wealth managers to identify opportunities and threats and supports strategy and proposition development.

Market Overview

Size and structure of the market including market share of the top wealth managers and key trends for both direct distribution of discretionary services and third-party distribution via financial advisers. Reviews how firms reconcile process standardisation with bespoke client servicing. Covers the business model evolution through consolidation, vertical integration and the rise of financial planning.

Platform MPS

Analyses distribution of platform-based model portfolio services via third-party advisers and identifies leading providers. Includes overall market size/growth rate, pricing analysis and benchmarking of MPS providers. Covers advisers’ attitudes to third-party MPS and ESG. Analyses market trends and profiles of MPS providers. 

Investment Distribution

How wealth managers are running portfolios and the investment products included. The use of third-party funds versus in-house investments and listed securities across portfolios managed for private clients, charities and via financial advisers. Trends in wealth manager investment solutions, including fully bespoke, models, portfolios of in-house funds and sub-advisory.

UK Consumer Insights

Illustrates the investing landscape in the UK and identifies consumers’ views about financial brands and products. The report looks at the behaviours of the end investor and how these have altered in recent years. Our consumer samples include self-directed investors, advised investors as well as non-investors. Available to all subscribers of UK reports and packages. 


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